Fittings for lashing chains

Eye hooks 11-13 mm

The eye hooks 11-13mm are normally installed on the long link lashing chains or on wire rope. The connection to a lashing chain can be by a welded link or in combination with a 20T chain shackle.

The long link lashing chains are made from 20Mn2 steel and are available as 9 mm (MBL 10 T), 11 mm (MBL 15 T) and 13 mm (MBL 20 T). All our lashing chains are 100% proof load tested during production.

This type of eye hooks is normally used to connect the lashing chains to D-rings. The eye hooks are normally marked with MBL and batch code for traceability. On request we can offer customer-specific markings. Every delivery comes with a factory test certificate incl. product description, raw material details, traceability codes and MBL test diagram.

The long link lashing chains and eye hooks are available with different surfaces: normal painted, electro galvanized, electro galvanized + additional painting and hot dip galvanized. We can offer various paint colours, please contact to discuss your requirements.

For tightening the lashing chains, we offer a full range of tensioners, chain turnbuckles, hamburger turnbuckles, speed lashes and load binders.

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Product: Eye hooks 11-13 mm

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