OX lifting beams

Multi lug beams

OX multi lug beams are available in different capacities and lengths: WLL 10 – 110 tons and nominal length 2,000 – 6,000 mm or 8,000 – 10,800 mm. The multi lug beams from OX Worldwide are extremely robust and versatile. This perforated lifting beam offers numerous attachement points at regular intervals and can therefore be adapted to different lifting operations.

On the top side it is possible to use the multi lug beam with a central shackle (as a lifting beam), but alternatively also with a 2-leg suspension (i.e. as a spreader beam or a semi-spreader; please always take the sling angles into account). Regardless of which configuration is used, the load capacity always remains the same.

Normally in stock from 10 to 50 t and with a span of 4 m for quick delivery times.

Main benefits of OX Worldwide multi lug beams:

  • High versatility and flexibility –
    You can use the multi lug beams flexibly as a lifting beam, a spreader or a semi-spreader beam, depending on what your next lifting operation requires.
  • Robustness –
    Thanks to their design, the multi lug beams offer a robust and versatile solution for many lifting operations.
  • Low cost –
    The multi lug beams have a very good price-performance ratio.
  • Short-term delivery –
    Multi lug beams are usually in stock with load capacities of 10 t, 24 t, 34 t and 50 t and a span of 4 m either in Germany or at the manufacturer in Spain, so that short-term delivery is also possible.
  • Easy transportation and storage –
    The multi lug beam has practical forklift pockets and optional storage feet. The latter protects the material during storage. Forklift pockets are intended exclusively for transporting the beam and do not represent any additional anchor points!

Material & Standard:

  • Mild steel and steel with a high elastic limit are used to produce the multi lug beams. These are optionally available with a 3.1. Material certificate delivered.
  • Standard: EN 13155:2003 (ASME B30.20). Cranes. Security. Non-stationary load-carrying devices.


  • The primer of the lifting beams consists of sandblasting Sa 2.5 without standard: SIS 05 59 00.
  • Painting is carried out in accordance with ISO 12944, category C2.
  • This is followed by a coat of epoxy zinc phosphate primer.
  • The finish is completed with two layers of polyurethane enamel paint in RAL 2004.

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Product: OX multi lug beams | WLL up to 110 t

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