Lashing chains

Long link lashing chains, assembled, fully welded

We offer a wide range of long link lashing chains, end-fittings and tensioning devices.

The long link lashing chains are made from 20Mn2 steel and are available as 9 mm (MBL 10 T), 11 mm (MBL 15 T) and 13 mm (MBL 20 T). All our lashing chains are 100% proof load tested during production.

As standard the forged fittings are marked with size (if applicable), MBL and batch code for traceability. On request we can offer customer-specific markings. Every delivery comes with a factory test certificate incl. product description, raw material details, traceability codes and MBL test diagram.

The long link lashing chains are available with different surfaces: normal painted, electro galvanized, electro galvanized + additional painting and hot dip galvanized. We can offer various paint colours, please contact to discuss your requirements.

Most standard end-fittings include mounting and securing the installation with elastic pins. As an alternative, we also offer a range of 100% welded chains. The required end-fittings all require an “eye” and are installed onto the chains by using welded “intermediate links”. As such we have a lashing chain with 100% welded connections.

As end-fittings for our “fully welded lashing chains” we offer two models of eye hooks (regular eye hook and flat type eye hook) and eye elephant feet.

For tightening the lashing chains, we offer a full range of tensioners, chain turnbuckles, hamburger turnbuckles, speed lashes and load binders.

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Product: Long link lashing chains, assembled, fully welded

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