Hamburger turnbuckles 2.0

We offer a wide range of long link lashing chains, end-fittings and tensioning devices. The innovative “Hamburger turnbuckles 2.0” is available with 20T MBL.

The long link lashing chains are made from 20Mn2 steel and are available as 9 mm (MBL 10 T), 11 mm (MBL 15 T) and 13 mm (MBL 20 T). All our lashing chains are 100% proof load tested during production.

Turnbuckles are used as tension the lashing chains to secure cargo. In general a turnbuckle consists of a frame with a left treaded bar and a right treaded bar. By rotation the frame, the length of the turnbuckle can be enlarged or reduced. By reducing the length, the turnbuckles are used to tighten the chains.

The Hamburger turnbuckle 2.0 is an innovative design that allows a direct connection to both ends without the use of additional shackles. The normal markings are with MBL and batch code for traceability. On request we can offer customer-specific markings. Every delivery comes with a factory test certificate.

The Hamburger turnbuckles are normally natural black or electro galvanized. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For tightening the lashing chains, we offer a full range of tension levers, chain turnbuckles, hamburger turnbuckles, speed lashes and load binders.

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Product: Hamburger turnbuckles 2.0

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