Lashing shackle MBL20T

Lashing shackles have a high tensile steel body with a forged pin. Normally the shackles are painted green, but other colours are possible.

On the body of these high quality Lashing shackles is a marking of batch code and MBL20T and on the pin only the batch code.

This product comes packed as per customer request.

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Lashing shackle | Specification

Material of Lashing shackles:
high tensile steel body, forged pin

Marking of Lashing shackles:
Body – batch code & MBL20T / Pin – batch code

Finish of Lashing shackles:
normally green painted, alternative as per customer request

Packing of Lashing shackles:
as per customer request

Weight of Lashing shackles:
0.56 kg /piece

Lashing shackle | Drawing

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