News | January 2023

Car Lashings 2.0

Innovative patented buckle technology for reduced slipping

  • Car Lashings MBL 2T & MBL 3T with reduced slipping
  • Optional with integrated loops and reflective striping for optimised visibility

Again and again we remarks from users that they have issues with slipping of their car lashings. The car lashings buckles do not offer a “closed” system as a ratchet on a normal we lashing but work an a friction principle after closing of the buckle. As this is not a “closed system”, there is always the risk of slipping of the webbing, especially under dynamic loading. This “slipping” issue is becoming more evident as the webbing of the car lashings becomes wider and thicker. As such this problem occurs more strongly with the latest 3T car lashings and less with 1,5 and 2T car lashings.

We are happy to announce the “Car Lashings 2.0” with newly designed and improved buckles. Based on patented technology used for aviation lashing straps, we have developed the patented new buckles for the car lashings. These are now available both as 2T and as 3T types. We can offer them in any required execution and with any required webbing colour or printing on the webbing. We can offer them with loops and without loops (either loose or integrated onto the car lashings). Also for the loops ends we can provide several different ways of stitching or reinforcing.

Additional to the improved buckles we can add “reflective” striping in the webbing. This significantly improves the visibility of the lashings in poor light conditions.