Semi-automatic twistlock

The semi-automatic twistlock is used to secure two containers together. When two containers are placed on each other the semi-automatic twistlock closes automatically because of the weight. The breaking load is about 50t.

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Product: Semi-automatic twistlock

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Specifications: Semi-automatic twistlock

  • Material:
    • 1) 1x Cone with spring: assembly part
    • 2) 1x Left housing: SCW480, casting
    • 3) 1x Right housing: SCW480, casting
    • 4) 2x M10 Bolt: M10x45, 8.8, DIN912
    • 5) 2x Nut: M10, 8, DIN985
    • 6) 1x Handle: L=166
    • 7) 1x Spring: 304H, Ø26×52.6
    • 8) 1x Guide block: ZG35/ZG45, casting
  • Finish:
    • hot gip galvanized, painted