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These high quality Lashing chains are suitable for roro lashing and general cargo lashing. They are available in three different link-sizes.

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Product Description

Long link lashing chain 9mm

You can order the chains in long lengths.

All Lashing chains are made by using full automatic chain making machines. That results in very clean welds for the chain links. As raw material the more expensive 20Mn2 steel is used. This in combination with the in-house heat treatment guarantees a stable quality and makes sure that the durable chains reach the required minimum breaking strengths.

Every chain is tested before assembly of the hooks and before painting. For these Lashing chains it is used a high quality 2-components-paint. After painting the chains are oven-dried. This results in a very hard, durable and smooth surface of every single link.

The manufacturer produces and coloures the chains in one and the same factory. So he can supply any colour or marking as per customer request. If you require any additional markings or special colours, please let us know and we will process your order accordingly.

As standard the Lashing chains are packed hanging in robust wooden boxes. In this way it is easy and fast to unpack the chains.
All products will be delivered with a factory test certificate as standard.


Long link lashing chain | Specification

Material of long link lashing chains:
alloy steel

Finish of long link lashing chains:

Packing & Marking of long link lashing chains:
as per customer request


Long link lashing chain 9mm | Drawing

Long link lashing chain | Technical data

Long link lashing chain 9mm | Technical specifications
Chain ∅ mmSWL kN / t paintedMBL kN / tWeight kg / mA mmB mmC mm
949 / 598 / 101.495716