Lashing chains and hooks

Lashing chain with two C-hooks

These high quality G80 Short link lashing chains (applied norm EN818) are available in five different link sizes:

All lashing chains are made by using full automatic chain making machines. That results in very clean welds for the chain links. These short link chains have the grade G80 quenched and tempered and are made of AG90L. This in combination with the in-house heat treatment guarantees a stable quality and makes sure that the durable chains reach the required minimum breaking strengths.

Every chain is tested before assembly of the hooks and before painting. These G80 Short link lashing chains are black painted and black oxidized. This results in a very hard, durable and smooth surface of every single link. They are marked with YD8-x (x=diameter).

The manufacturer produces and colores the chains in one and the same factory. So he can supply any color or marking as per customer request. If you require any additional markings or special colors, please let us know and we will process your order accordingly.

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