Tension lever, square type

The tension levers – square type – are available in following sizes to match the long link lashing chains for roro lashing and general cargo lashing:

  • 13 mm tension lever / tensioner

All bars and s-heads are forged from one piece of steel. This in combination with an in-house heat treatment ensures a stable quality and makes sure that the product reaches the required minimum breaking strengths.

The square type – tension levers are finished with a high quality 2-components paint. After that the chains are getting oven-dried. The result is a solid product with a very hard and durable characteristic and a smooth surface in the same time.

For that reason that the product is manufactured in their own company, the manufacturer can react flexibly to customer requirements in terms of colors or markings. The standard markings include size, MBL and batch number.

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Product: Tension lever, square type

Specifications: Tension lever, square type

  • Material:
    forged steel and high tensile steel
  • Finish:
  • Packing:
    as per customer request