Ratchets can be ordered as single product or assembled to web lashings. You can combine loose ratchets with polyester webbings to fix the load.

High quality ratchets are made of durable steel and finished with yellow zinc. They come packed as per customer’s request in carton boxes on pallets.

Use it for ro-ro, general cargo or break bulk lashing.

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Ratchets | Specification

Material of Ratchets:

Finish of Ratchets:
yellow zinc

Packing of Ratchets:
as per customer request in carton box on pallet

Ratchets | Drawing

Ratchet loose | Type MRSB500-11T

Ratchet loose | Type MRSB500-13T

Ratchet loose | Type MRSB501HA

Ratchet loose | Type MRSB750

Ratchets | Technical Data

Ratchets - loose | Technical Specification
TypeFor webbing
MRSB500-11T50280 / 300*2.5005.0000,93
MRSB500-13T50320 / 350*2.5005.0000,94

*280 daN / 320 daN for 50mm LC 2.000 daN system
300 daN / 350 daN for 50mm LC 2.500 daN system