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Corner protectors | Different types

Our Chinese manufacturer offers different types of Corner protectors. Choose between the materials: HDPE, steel 235 with or without rubber. Use it to protect your load from damage during loading and transport.

HDPE Corner protectors are very flexible to conform to cargo and returns to original shape for easy stacking when it is not in use. This type is lighter than steel Corner protectors, crack-resistant and withstands extreme temperatures.

Steel Corner protectors are available with or without rubber for sensitive loads. They are very resistant and strong and secure your load during transport and shipping.

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Corner protectors | Specification

Material of Corner protectors:
please see table below

Packing & Marking of Corner protectors:
as per customer request in carton box on pallet

Corner protectors | Drawings

Corner protector type

Corner protector type

Corner protector type

Corner protector type

Corner protectors | Technical details

Corner Protector | Technical Specification
TypeFor webbingMaterial
MRSPCP11-2″50 mmSteel 235
MRSPCP12-2″50 mmSteel 235 with rubber